The most common question we hear: “Where do we start?”

First, recognize that employee turnover is a symptom – not a problem. No company has a turnover problem. Turnover (like absenteeism or conflict) is the result of deeper issues that have not been resolved. Maybe it is low morale, no career path, lack of recognition, poor employee-manager relationships, or 1 of the 62 other issues we have identified.

Companies hire Retensa to pinpoint the root causes of their workforce challenges. Then, we customize action plans to address your specific needs and can even help implement those employee retention plans. Retensa delivers quantifiable results to improve your organization. Our solutions are unique to every organizational culture. “One-size-fits-all” answers do not work in complex work environments. To find out how our specialized services can be customized to your firm, ask here .

If your goal is to engage and retain great employees, then you should start with a Retention Diagnostic

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