Prevent Turnover

Coaching for HR Executives and Talent Managers

Goal of Turnover Diagnostic: Executive Coaching is a collaborative and practical development tool designed to establish and achieve specific goals resulting in improved managerial performance. Ideal for corporate leadership, it builds individual competencies within the context of your Organizational Strategy.

Your Challenge: You are encountering any or all of the following obstacles:

  1. Your company is experiencing significant changes and you want to ease the change process for your managers
  2. You want to increase an individual’s effectiveness as a leader
  3. You would like to help create a climate of learning, trust, and teamwork in a specific department or company-wide
  4. You want your managers to share these new beneficial coaching and development techniques with their peers and direct reports
  5. Your company needs to design a new rewards and recognition program to support a culture of performance improvement


How Can Retensa Help: The typical Accelerated Executive Coaching Process consists of Four Phases:

  1. Assessment — Establishing individual strengths and challenges as well as how and when they emerge, and gathering perspectives from all parties involved
  2. Goal Alignment — Defining and prioritizing the top issues and how they correlate to your business goals
  3. Development — Targeted delivery of interventions and structured coaching
  4. Reinforcement — When the goals have been achieved, the structured communication of the relationship is completed. Guidance reinforces newly learned techniques and assists individual to keep them from repeating patterns of detrimental behavior


Results: Executive Coaching links directly to business objectives. It is especially effective when compared to other, more general executive group training methods that cannot take into account individual experiences, leadership styles, and preferences. Independent research now confirms the evidence:

  1. Coaching produces a 529% direct Return On Investment (ROI) and significant indirect benefits to the business
  2. By including the financial benefits from improved employee retention, the overall ROI jumps from 529% to 788%
  3. On top of the aforementioned, three in ten executives who have taken part in Executive Coaching programs reported an increase in sales, productivity, or profits translating to $500,000 to $1,000,000 annually


Would you like to know how to get these results for your organization?

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