Cost of Turnover Calculator

Welcome to Retensa’s Employee Turnover Cost Calculator.

A complete cost of employee turnover calculation takes over 100 variables and days to collect the data. We know, because we built the world’s most comprehensive Turnover Calculator (and it took 18 months to do it). Then we had an idea.

“How accurate could we get with just 8 variables?” Because anyone can collect 8 variables, right? And everyone wants to know their cost of employee turnover. So that’s what you have here.

Asked below, are the most significant parts of the giant algorithm. Now, you have a very good turnover calculator in very few steps. If you want the most accurate cost to the dollar (or euro, yen, rupee or pound) give us a call.

For now, look below each question to see a tip on how to answer. After answering the Required Questions, you have the option of answering a few more items to increase accuracy. Click the [Calculate] button on the right to see your results.

Do you have questions about your employee turnover calculation? Is the Total Turnover Cost too high? Are you ready to take action to retain your employees and reduce turnover? Call or email to speak to a retention expert.

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