State of the Industry: The government sector is defined by a culture of stability, where change is rarely initiated and embraced. When change does occur, however, resistance from long-time employees can be detrimental to the efficiency of a department or an entire agency. Long-term employees are also at risk of becoming uninspired and disengaged because of tremendous red tape and repetitive activities. The typical government agency is perpetually trying to accomplish as much as possible with a small allotment of money and resources. With limited budgets, agencies cannot afford to lose any money on bad hires, turnover costs , or lost productivity. Government agencies are facing a retirement wave that is going to rapidly deplete institutional knowledge. They cannot afford to lose valued employees, as the departing employee’s workload is usually transferred to the remaining workers, spiraling frustration even further.

How Can Retensa Help? Retensa’s organizational experts can help reduce tensions surrounding government changes by working directly with employees and supervisors. We have the tools to smooth employee transitions and reduce the impact of employee turnover. We specialize in teaching Retention Skills for Managers to coach supervisors on the best ways to keep employees of varying generations motivated. Retensa knows that each division of local, state, and federal government has distinct goals, interests, and concerns. We create the retention plans based on those differentiating factors.

Retensa can help you retain your best employees today. To talk to a retention expert, call us at (212)-545-1280 or email us here.