Retaining Women Employees and Increasing Engagement

Retaining Women Employees and Increasing Engagement

The Goal(s): To identify why women are resigning in greater numbers or why they are choosing not to pursue advanced roles and responsibilities within your Organization.

Your Challenge: Many exceptionally talented and educated women are walking away from the overwhelming workload that currently characterizes your workplace. The ever increasing demands of professional careers today typically do not support a healthy Work/Life Balance for the average single woman. The situation worsens for working mothers who need to maintain full-time status at their companies while trying to raise a family. The result is a steady exodus of qualified, educated women; leaving Organizations scrambling to find top talent to replace them. You know the cost of replacement is more than you can afford, but you do not know what will help keep females engaged in your Organization. What strategies can you implement to retain women? Additionally, how can you ease the transition back to the workplace for the substantial number of women who return?

How Can Retensa Help: We provide a specialized training program for Organizations that are concerned about the increasing number of women leaving the workplace. We can help you create customized Work/Life Balance Options by conducting research to identify strategies, tactics, tools and other options that may be utilized. Then we provide you with a blueprint for introduction and implementation of solutions, and support these efforts as you require, to help you retain your top female workers.

Results: Our Women’s Retention Program improves Work/Life effectiveness for all employees, by allowing them to be more productive and engaged while at work. By initiating retention programs such as Mentoring, Coaching, Networking, and Leadership Development specifically designed for women, your overall cost of turnover will decrease and you will succeed in keeping your top talent.

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