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Engage and Retain Employees in Mid-Size (Mid-market) Firms

With less resources but just as many challenges as big businesses, how do we create the structure to engage and retain our best employees to stay competitive?

Your Challenge: Your organization is growing, you have more employees, and most functional roles are defined. However, within that framework, there is a need for structured systems to recruit, onboard, engage, and retain key staff. More than likely, there is now a tier of crucial key executive employees who helped you get to where you are and you want to keep them. To remain competitive, you need to retain the intellectual and relationship capital you have and establish your company as an employer of choice to attract new skills. Recruiting and retention are now separate issues and each requires a specific process to unite your efforts.

How Can Retensa Help? Retensa works especially well with Mid-size firms to uncover road blocks and build the programs to achieve the company’s new goals. We evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the organization to highlight a 24 month strategy aimed for a high performance and low turnover workforce. Retensa analyzes recruitment and selection processes to identify how your “target employee profile” has changed and how to attract you new top talent. We also provide programs to motivate your current employees and new hires. Because of additional layers of supervision, mid-size firms often ask us to provide management training to new and existing managers.

Where do I start?

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