Retention Diagnostic

Retention Diagnostic: Complete Organizational Assessment

Retention Diagnostic by Retensa

Diagnose the barriers to retain top talent to ensure a loyal and high performing workforce


There are 64 ways to retain top talent

How do you know which one will work?

How do you know which one will make it worse?

A Retention Diagnostic is a 360° view of the employee experience in your organization


  1. Predict why employees join, stay, and leave your organization
  2. Pinpoint root causes of gaps and breakdowns in the employee life-cycle
  3. Distinguish the unique subcultures and differences to calibrate Talent Acquisition and selection
  4. Uncover hidden challenges that drives employee turnover
  5. Get proven actionable prioritized solutions to implement right away
Retention Diagnostic- Employee Lifecycle

Turn knowledge and data into customized action plans, and receive:

Customized Action plan 1


Data-driven insights to access the commitment, performance, and connectedness DNA of your workforce

Customized Action Plan 2


12-24 prioritized action items to increase loyalty, engagement, trust, performance, and retention

Customized Action Plan 3


People analytics and metrics on motivational drivers of your top performers  

Customized Action Plan 4


Precise positive and constructive themes by title, tenure and location                                   

Achieves key Phase 1 objectives toward sustained Organizational Change

There is no one size fits all retention strategy.

No article has it.

No book says it.

No webinar can change it.


Retensa’s process works, and reduced turnover in as little as 3 weeks, and up to 67%

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