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ExitPro | Retensa



What is ExitPro?

ExitPro is the world’s most advanced Exit Interview Software. The most features, the most insight, and the most accurate tools to predict and prevent employee turnover.
More than software, it’s your portal to a connected workforce. Companies in nearly 50 countries and 12 languages are retaining employees better than ever before.

Why use Exit Interview Software?

  • If your company is experiencing more voluntary turnover of employees…
  • If your Exit Interviews are inconsistent, or sit in a drawer, or are different in every location…
  • If your exit interview answers are not useful, or don’t visualize well, or don’t get reported at all…
  • If your time is spent chasing emails, calls, and responses, ExitPro changes everything. Risk free and easy to use with no installation or download. ExitPro streamlines the right Exit Interview questions and gives real-time results to the right people.

How Can ExitPro help us reduce turnover?





Price for 1 minute

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The turnkey software deploys a fast and accurate Exit Interview process to simplify your effort


Capture valuable insight from every employee experience.

Get the one stop shop to communicate, report, trend, analyze and pinpoint employee turnove


Identify patterns of employee behavior to get proactive.

For alumni, maintain contact with exiting employees to increase returns of high performing staff

Can Retensa Help Us Create Great Exit Interview Questions?

Yes! Collaborate with our retention experts, to build from our bench-marked questions, in order to calibrate the right blend of exit interview questions for your culture, goals and challenges.

Retensa offers exit interview templates to ensure that Exit Interviews:

  1. Are Sent at Proper Time
  2. Ask the right questions
  3. Capture Candid & Honest Response

Your Exit Interviews Forms can be Web based, Paper based, or Live Voiced based Interviews







Why Employees Quit

Pre-built & customizable report templates ready on

Day 1

Capture and respond in real-time

Reports scheduled directly to your inbox daily, weekly, or monthly


HR Effort &

Time to Action

Questions can be customized to your company’s culture

Connected to your HRIS so all demographic information is up-to-date.

Send exit interviews automatically with Automatic Separations



Prevent Turnover

Send exit interviews in 15 seconds GUARANTEED

Leverage meaningful Turnover Metrics you need.

Built-in advanced reporting to help you get predictive