State of the Industry: Employees in the Arts and Entertainment industry are often fueled by different motivators than staff in other fields. Production companies, music studios, theatres, and other entertainment firms are staffed by employees seeking creative challenges, public exposure, and an exciting working environment. Businesses specializing in the Arts and Entertainment field can always find “somebody” but are challenged to find people who fit with their distinct, innovative cultures and have the skill sets. Hiring based on a balance of skills and fit is crucial in Arts and Entertainment, where employees have significant face time with highly valued clients. After hiring new employees, employers are faced with the task of successfully acclimating new hires to their unique environment and consistently providing a stimulating atmosphere for employee engagement and retention.

How Can Retensa Help? Retensa’s 8-Stage Emergent Life Cycle highlights the key stages of contact between employees and employers, including Attraction, Recruitment, On Boarding, and the Formative Days. We evaluate your success in each of these areas and offer tangible recommendations to help improve your hiring methods, recruiting strategies, and orientation process. Retensa has the tools to accurately define the pulse of your organization and pinpoint the characteristics of your company’s culture. The results will assist in making it easier to identify candidates who are a good fit for your culture and your business.

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