Retaining Generation X, Generation Y, and Baby Boomers

Retaining Generation X, Generation Y, and Baby Boomers

What motivates you? Is it the same things that motivate your boss, your husband or wife, children or colleagues? Most likely, motivational drivers in your company vary by individual, level department, etc… So what can be done to recognize and speak to individual needs, wants, and aspirations?

The Goal(s): You want to motivate across your diverse population of employees because the productivity difference between high-performing employees and those that just “showing-up” is significant. In particular, Baby Boomers can help by acting as mentors for the new, Gen X, employees. Think about it… while you may very well understand the personality of the Baby Boomer, you need to discover how to motivate and manage Gen X to achieve optimal and enduring performance. Furthermore, if you currently employee Gen Y workers you need to find out NOW about their motivations and job expectations. If you do not have Gen Y employees, it is still necessary to prepare for their eventual arrival at your company.

Your Challenge: Seasoned Baby Boomer managers run the corporations, universities and government. While their experience and wisdom holds great value, there is a very real challenge in motivating today’s workforce. Companies are finding that more and more of their employees are showing up everyday not fully engaged and committed to their work. So how do you motivate Gen X and Gen Y employees? What skills do your managers need to have to successfully supervise the next generations?You need a plan to help bridge the communication gaps between these generations.

How Can Retensa Help: As the Baby Boomer generation closes in on retirement, companies must prepare for the loss of valuable knowledge and skills that will go with them. As these 77 million Baby Boomers retire, only 46 million Gen X’ers will replace them. Bottom Line: Gen X will be the management and staff companies will have to cultivate into future leaders. Gen X is already climbing the ladder in IT and Finance, and the 26-40 year olds are now moving higher up the ranks in other industries as well. Finally, the first workers of Generation Y (broadly defined as anyone born after 1980) are entering the workforce, carrying with them different needs and characteristics than the populations before them. Retensa can bridge the gap by building communication and providing tools and skills that transfer intellectual and relationship capital across the enterprise.

Results: Participants who complete Retensa’s motivation training have said they are significantly better able to:

  1. Align communication and feedback to motivate individuals from any gender or generation
  2. Interpret behaviors, body language, and words with clarity and respond successfully
  3. Facilitate collaboration across diverse backgrounds to meet common business goals

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