eSuggestion Box Survey: Encourage Out-of-the-Box Thinking to Retain Employees

Which employee has your next great idea?

Lightbulb moments are happening right now!

Get an instant forum for innovation. Route ideas to leadership with an automated employee suggestion program.


Capture new ideas from employees | Automatically route key feedback | Unearth real-world cost savings

Find out NOW with the eSuggestion Box Survey

With the eSuggestion Box Survey Template, you can instantly crowdsource employee ideas to reduce costs or target specific areas to innovate. This automated suggestion software ensures employee designs, opinions, and thoughts are heard. Include your workforce in R&D, enhancing culture, or improving product or service in 4 minutes or less.

What can the eSuggestion Box Survey do for my organization?

1. Cultivate a work environment that encourages out-of-the-box thinking
2. Generate innovative products and workplace policies
3. Surface team concerns and pain-points, along with proposed solutions
4. Gain insights on how your company culture will improve and thrive
5. Retain employees and reduce turnover costs

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Promote innovation, creativity, and new ideas at work with TalentPulse’s employee suggestion program.


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