The Goal: You want to help your employees find a career path in your Organization, but first you must identify their career goals and developmental needs. A career development or coaching program can help you with succession planning and, also, increase employee retention rates.

Your Challenge: You know you want to offer Career Development opportunities to your staff, but are not sure what your employees’ need.

How Can Retensa Help: Our Career Development Program uses behavioral assessment tools, experiential learning, and role playing exercises that are specifically tailored to your company, your employees, and your industry. Our program includes:

  • Self discovery through surveys, Q&A, and discussions
  • Learning teams developed through extensive interaction
  • Practice of job-related skills and job-related simulations (with feedback)
  • Classroom instruction including customized workbooks, handouts, discussions, and debriefs
  • Case studies using the experience and knowledge of the participants
  • Formulation of goals and strategic action plans to be carried out upon return to the workplace
  • Follow-up activities to help employee stay focused on their career path
  • Customization to address your organization’s distinct challenges

Results: Your workforce is motivated and committed to achieving their career goals within your Organization. This program facilitates high-growth firms in preparing for future vacancies in key roles by ensuring the tools are available to succeed.

Retensa can help you retain your best employees today. To talk to a retention expert, call us at (212) 545-1280 or email us here.