Prevent Turnover

Retention Skills Training

Engage and Inspire | Prevent and Predict

Retention Skills Training empowers your managers and leaders to improve the employee experience and retain top talent.

Get the tools. Learn the skills. Unlock the hidden potential of individuals, leaders and teams through customized retention workshops. Reduce turnover in 3 weeks GUARANTEED .

Change the conversation. Reduce turnover. Transform the culture.

Impact Every Stage of the Employee Lifecycle

With your Retention Skills Training your organization will benefit from:

  1. Increased fulfillment and morale among staff
  2. Employees that are energized and motivated
  3. A more connected and engaged workforce
  4. Gaining real-world tools to respond to employee needs and impact staff morale and engagement

Develop the skills to reinforce employee productivity and open communication, coach employees, provide powerful feedback and deliver meaningful recognition. Download our course outline, to see how it’s done.

Your live Retention Seminars are always:

 CUSTOMIZED:  Curriculum and materials tailored to your specific needs and challenges
 INTERACTIVE:  Activities, role plays and group discussion that expand teamwork, communication and collaboration
 EXPERIENTIAL:   Practice what is taught (“learning by doing”) to increase knowledge retention and engage learners
 INTROSPECTIVE:  Behavioral assessments, Q&A and discussion enables self-reflection and discovery
 PRACTICAL: Real-world work case studies enhance problem solving, decision making and reinforce learning
 ACTION ORIENTED:   Turn knowledge and insight into real-world actions