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Retain Members of Associations: Reduce Member Turnover

The Goal: To provide the type and quality of services that will consistently increase your association’s membership and keep your current members regularly renewing their membership. You want to know what your members consider to be the most essential and valued parts of their membership.

Your Challenge: It is becoming more difficult to attract new members to your organization and you are losing members who are affiliated with you for some time. You know your association depends on the willingness of members to align themselves with your organization. You want to give them what they want. How can you discover exactly what they value most? How do you deliver it in a cost effective manner?

How Retensa Can Help: We can determine the association benefits that members value most and therefore are therefore willing to pay for. Through surveys and analysis, we can also assess challenges within your organization that may prevent you from providing the most prized benefits. As specialists in collecting metrics, Retensa can present you with statistical measurements and tools to track the success of any growth initiatives, as well as forecast membership trends.

Result: Associations will increase retention of current members and consistently grow the number of new members. Retensa’s assessments also help your association improve the quality of programs and features, and identify new programs and initiatives to provide your members.

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