State of the Industry: Few would dispute that work at a call center can be a stressful experience. Call center employees work on the front-line for their organizations as problem-solving customer service representatives. Their actions can have direct impact on a company’s profits – for better or for worse. Unfortunately, high stress levels and moderate pay have contributed to consistent high turnover in the call center industry, increasing the likelihood of a negative effect on the bottom line. The turnover rate for call centers averages over 55%, meaning many employees do not have the experience or company knowledge to optimally serve customers. With the advent of outsourcing and automating, the call center industry is also expected to experience significant change in the next few years. Call center employers have many conflicting priorities. They want to employ the best customer service representatives to keep their customer base while keeping costs to a minimum.

How Can Retensa Help? One of the fastest ways to reduce costs is to reduce employee turnover. What if your turnover rate was reduced just 20%, let alone the 30-40% Retensa can achieve? Retensa knows that each call center has different needs and circumstances. We create a site assessment and develop recommendations based on your specific conditions. Retensa is an industry leader in exit interview surveys and analysis. We can help you pinpoint the reasons for high turnover at your call center and prepare strategies to help you increase retention. Retensa can assess your current hiring practices to uncover whether you are consistently employing the best people for the job. Our Retention Skills program teaches call center manages how to effectively motivate and retain employees working in a high-stress environment.

Retensa can help you retain your best employees today. To talk to a retention expert, call us at (212)-545-1280 or email us here.