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Retain and Motivate Employees in Your Small Businesses

I can’t afford to lose good employees. How do I hire the right person and keep them?

Did you know:

  • Nearly 700 thousand businesses are started each year (Small Business Administration)
  • Of the 5.8 million firms operating in 2004, 78.5% have fewer than 10 employees, and 99.7% have fewer than 500 employees (United States Small Business Administration)
  • Small firms (fewer than 500 employees) employed 51% of the 113 private sector employees in 2003 (United States Small Business Administration)
  • Entrepreneurs lead the way in developing new ideas; 67% of inventions all and 95% of “radical” inventions since World War II were introduced by small business

Your Challenge: How do I attract and retain the people who will help my business grow?
As a small business owner with a limited budget and few resources, your employees need to wear many hats. Hiring and retaining the best person has as much to do with the person’s fit as it does with the person’s job skills. Every hire counts, because if even one person leaves a small business it impacts everyone else. Small firms also have more limited career paths than large firms. Often, training and development budgets are smaller and critical, and structured employee feedback is less frequent.

How Can Retensa Help? Even simple retention tools can provide dramatic cost savings and productivity gains. However, you need to know what to do without wasting time and money. You do not need to do everything – and you probably can’t. What you do utilize, though, should be prepared quickly because you have a business to run. Retensa has easy, cost effective motivation and retention programs for every budget that pinpoint your critical recruiting, and retention strategies.

Where do I start?

Let us know what you want to achieve with your workforce. We have the experience to get you results. Find out how Retensa can help you develop a high performance and loyal workforce.

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