Employee Benchmarks, HR Metrics, and Turnover Rates

HR Metrics Dashboard:

Now you can fully understand how to improve HR functions and activities with HRMetricsPro. Plan strategies based on validated metrics and customized data with informative graphs and charts that are associated with each HR function.
Transform your “big data” into metrics, insights, and trends applicable to your workforce right now. Get answers to all your financial HR questions on employee ROI, HR Investments, and workforce costs. HRMetricsPro provides graphs and charts automatically, so you can get predictive.

Get Predictive Analytics on:

1.   Orientation & Onboarding Metrics
2.   Performance Metrics
3.   Recruiting Metrics
4.   Training Metrics
5.   Business Metrics
6.   Change Management Metrics
7.   Retention Metrics
8.   Risk Management Metrics

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HR Metrics Dashboard