New Hire Orientation and On Boarding Plans

New Hire Orientation and On Boarding Plans

Attracting and recruiting top talent requires time, resources and capital. However, all of these are wasted if your Orientation does not prepare employees to succeed.

Our research indicates that the first 10 days of an employee’s tenure are the most important in establishing a solid foundation for a successful employee-firm relationship. This is when impressions are set, habits are learned, relationships form, and perceptions of roles within the company are established. The future success of your employee is based on these Formative Days.

The Goal(s): To transfer organizational knowledge quickly and minimize new hire downtime by accelerating the ramp process to productivity. This can be described as Rapid Acculturation, the ability to effectively integrate new hires with the existing workforce, expanding the support structure, and accessing each others skill sets. Ultimately, you want the most effective orientation program possible, resulting in a faster ROI for new hires and a replicable enterprise-wide system to launch and monitor their career.

Your Challenge: New employees are not as productive for weeks or months because they are acclimating to a new culture and environment. They can be unsure of themselves and their roles. Additionally, your HR team is continually resolving employee questions and concerns. Possibly, your firm is not presenting identical orientation programs to each employee, setting them up to form bad habits, and leaving existing employees frustrated and forced to ask, “Did anyone show you how to do that?”

How Can Retensa Help: Retensa works with your firm to customize a streamlined and documented On Boarding system. It is a replicable program that will transfer your company’s unique critical success factors to each new hire wherever it is performed. The right proportion of HR and Management team interaction is scheduled. Performance expectations and the role the employee will play within the company is defined. This kind of orientation prepares the new employee for success for which they can take ownership. They will know how to succeed in the firm, where to go, and how to grow.

Results: By aligning employees’ career paths with opportunities in your company, employee engagement increases and retention rates improve. A well-executed on-boarding process decreases employee turnover rates in the short-term, increases ramp up to productivity, and creates stronger long-term employee commitment.

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