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Utilities & Telecom Employee Retention

State of the Industry: Large utilities and telecommunications firms are dependent upon their customer base for survival and consistently look for ways to improve their respective subdivisions to better serve customers. The sheer number of people employed by one of these conglomerates combined with the countless number of company divisions presents unique problems for upper management. Telecommunications and utility companies are also subject to the challenge of adjusting to a merger or acquisition. In all cases, management wants to learn how to keep key processes running smoothly, especially those involving top-down communication. These companies want to ensure that their recruiting, hiring, and training systems are aligned with company goals and successfully supporting the retention of key employees. By attracting and retaining the most qualified employees, a large utility or telecommunication company can provide the best possible customer service and maintain its competitive edge.

How Can Retensa Help? An analysis of a large company using Retensa’s Emergent Employee Life Cycle results in a clear depiction of a company’s efficiency in the time from employee attraction to employee disengagement. Our model helps your utility or telecommunications firm see whether your business’ recruiting, hiring, training, management, and development processes are best serving your organization. Retensa’s Career Development programs can help your employees realize their career aspirations within your organization, increasing overall retention. Exit interviews andemployee engagement surveys garner significant data in larger corporations and can give important insight into why employees choose to leave. Retensa also specializes in helping companies transition during mergers and acquisitions.

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