Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions: Managing the People Issues

The Goal(s): To successfully integrate two corporate cultures, while leveraging the best practices of both, to ensure retention of key intellectual and relationship capital while maintaining business momentum. Visible action is especially critical during the first 100 days when conflict, separations, and poaching can be most damaging to long-term growth.

Your Challenge: Your company recently acquired/merged with another firm that has a different corporate culture. You recognize that 70% to 80% of all mergers fail due to the new “entity’s” inability to successfully combine and resolve the “people issues.” Therefore, it is critical to quickly align work practices, behavioral norms, management styles, and corporate values without impacting the productivity and morale of employees.

How Can Retensa Help: Ideally, we are brought in prior to the merger to create a blueprint for effective communication between the independent operating units. Formal and informal introductions, and strategic orientations for managers and employees, are deployed. These sessions outline and discuss the history, mission, values, and culture of both companies and how they will be combined to capitalize on the best of both. When Retensa is brought in mid-integration we work quickly to discover the hopes, fears, and overarching concerns of your workers. We then help management address and isolate challenges through the implementation of procedures which alleviate concerns and maximize profitability of the business event.

Results: Our turnkey programs result in the seamless integration of two distinct cultures. Conflict is diffused, voluntary turnover is reduced, and involuntary turnover is moderated. Retensa also helps successfully align the management styles and leverage best practices. Easier integration results in reduced downtime, increased control of available resources, retention of skilled personnel, and minimal re-training.

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