Outsource Exit Interviews: Online, Paper, or Voice Solutions

The Goal(s): To implement an informative and accurate exit interview process as an integral part of the separation process, enabling the company to capture valuable insight into the workplace experience and assess the morale and disposition of exiting employees. To identify patterns of hiring as well as maintain contact with exiting employees as a means of networking future relationships.

Your Challenge: Your company is experiencing excessive voluntary turnover of employees and you are unable to capture the real reasons they are leaving. In addition, many of those leaving have been previously identified as having high leadership potential or possessing unique or critical business skills and knowledge.

How Can Retensa Help: Retensa knows that the keys to successful Exit Interviews are:

1) Proper timing of the interview

2) Asking the right questions to capture the right information, and

3) Eliciting candid and open responses.

The confidentiality of non-employer conducted surveys, coupled with one-on-one verbal interviews, allows us to effectively gather and report the truthful opinions of separating employees.

Results: Summaries of immediate feedback enables your company to develop and implement action plans to retain essential employees, to prevent recreating misalignment with future key employees, and to create an environment to recapture talent.

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ExitPro is a user-friendly and supremely awesome online Exit Interview software and Separation Management tool. It can be customized to your unique business needs to understand why your best employees leave. ExitPro is scalable, secure, and currently used by organizations with 10 to 30,000 employees on 5 continents! It is a purely web-based application and includes standardized exit interview templates and forms ready-to-go!  Exit interview forms were researched to ensure validity in the exit interview process.


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