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Develop High-Potentials and Reduce Turnover in Large Firms

With such a diverse workforce, how do we motivate and engage across the enterprise? What does a talent management strategy mean for our organization?

Successful companies actively remove the barriers to engaging and retaining their best employees. These firms know that employees are no longer happy just to be employed. They believe the quality of their people and the relationships with the company are central to building a sustainable competitive advantage.

Your Challenge: Recruiting and retaining the right people is of primary importance …but exactly who is joining, who is leaving, who is staying and why? You are expected to deliver results in shorter time frames and each new hire adds complexity as well as momentum towards the company’s success. The departure of a star player can impact financial results. Attracting and retaining employees is no longer just about compensation. You are facing pressures from management and staff to implement a strategic approach to talent management. Globalization also poses challenges in communication and autonomy.

How Can Retensa Help? Large companies have the benefit of historical data- as well as an extensive network of employees from which powerful insight can be gathered. Retensa collects diagnostic information to map your firm’s Employee Life Cycle in order to find, target, reduce and predict turnover. What factors are predictors of turnover? Retensa’s HR metrics and formulas are used to establish benchmarks of positive and negative workforce trends. Retensa’s Employee Engagement Surveys are especially useful in large companies, where we are able to collect more conclusive data and create retention strategies for women, Gen Xers, Executives, Millenials, or diverse populations. Our strategies are driven by what exists right now. When was your last employee survey? How reliable are your exit interviews? How accurate is the HRIS data? What HR metrics are currently tracked? Everything we do will leverage the efforts already invested. With large firms, it is too time-consuming to “start from scratch.” We want to enhance what is working and pinpoint what is not so it can be improved.

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