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Employment Retention for Workforce Development Agencies

The Goal: As a workforce agency, your clients may include recipients of public assistance, dislocated workers, seniors, and displaced homemakers; individuals with disabilities, immigrants and refugees, the homeless, veterans, people living with HIV/AIDS, domestic violence survivors, substance abusers, at risk out-of-school and in school youth. On a certain level, the focus is straightforward: train the right people and match them with the right jobs so the agency gets compensated for its efforts. On the other hand, you wish to ensure that your clients retain fulfilling, meaningful lifetime employment.

Your Challenge: A Workforce Development Agency’s mission is to attract, acclimate, motivate, train and place individuals in steady work while simultaneously fostering a workplace culture that conveys appropriate behavioral standards to its clients. Clients may have physical, economic, emotional, social, cultural, educational or developmental issues. Those issues need be addressed prior, during, and after placement for a successful job seeker retention strategy. Given all of the challenges, the agency must reduce costs, maintain operational efficiency and respond to the many demands of the local, state and federal government. Complications arise due to the perceived and real differences between job seeker and employer needs. Lack of career development, poor communication skills, low confidence, limited means of transportation, low wages and prior history are all challenges that workforce professionals face to retain their clients at placed work sites. Workforce development agencies face many risks such as losing current and potential employers, failing state requirements as well as losing government incentive programs when their clients have high turnover rates. Job placement agencies must deal with the distinct and varied needs of incoming clients coupled with the intense pressure to properly vet, assess, and train new staff. No less difficult to manage is the fact that some staff are working in remote locations, making them difficult to oversee. Adding job-related stress due to the intense working environments can easily generates a crisis-oriented mindset for the staff servicing the workforce development population. This can spell disaster once rooted in your organization,.

How Retensa Can Help: We can help establish effective preventative measures against workforce erosion by conducting workshops which address challenges that workforce development professionals face. This includes the introduction of tools, strategies, and insights developed specifically to be applied in real-time, on the job, to close the gap between the staff member, job seeker, and the employer. Using our tools perceptions of what is driving turnover will be validated or nullified. Factual information will replace unfounded perceptions and will be used to create a customized implementation plan for your organization.

Result: Retensa’s customized Employment Retention Training will focus staff toward reducing job seeker turnover, improving job seeker retention and lowering recidivism. Our training also improves the quality and speed of your programs. It helps align agency employees to achieve the targets needed to keep necessary funding.

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