Employee Benchmarks, HR Metrics, and Turnover Rates

As a trusted and objective third party, Retensa’s ability to extract candid and focused information from employees and management is greater than what a company can gather internally.
We build individual, departmental, and company-wide profiles benchmarked against your industry and in-line with the Emergent Lifecycle to identify current and potential challenges.

Retensa’s clients get the following from our solutions:

  • Reduced Direct Expenses of New Employee Acquisition – Sourcing, Recruiters Salary, Executive Search Fees, Management Interviews, Travel, Testing, Signing Bonus, Relocation, Orientation, and New-Hire Training.
  • Reduced Indirect Expenses from Employee Separations – Reduced Productivity, Increased Absenteeism, Unfinished Sales, Lost Income/Billable Hours, Lower Morale, Dissatisfied Customers, Added Strain on Existing Workforce, Workflow Errors, Inventory Anomalies, Liability, Lost Training Investment, New Employee Ramp to Productivity, Ineffective Shadowing and Mentoring.
  • Reduced long-term costs of Recruiting services – Advertising, Target Employee Marketing, Job Fairs, and Internet Job Application.
  • Reduced Overhead for HR, Administration, and IT/Network Security.
  • Increased differentiation to clients, because a Firm’s people are accessible, more focused, and more available for billable hours.
  • Increased attractiveness of Firm to potential applicants resulting in increased Quality of Candidacy.
  • Increased retention as workforce is given opportunity to express the need for improvement, offer constructive feedback, and become a component of success for their Company.
  • Providing every client with a quantifiable Return on Investment.