Work (and Life) at Retensa

Join Retensa’s Amazing Team

In modern society, you are what you do. So we choose to do really interesting work.

Retensa makes a difference in how people live and the way they work. We create workplaces where every employee is engaged by what they do, and inspired by who they work for. Since we are passionate about workplaces, we put as much effort in our own as we do in any client.
We redefine today’s work environment by creating a culture that measures success, through engaging and inspiring ourselves. It is our goal to cultivate innovation from our staff. Minds are exercised and ideas are exchanged. You can create your career here and we will help you succeed in it.


Retensa is a team, first. Everything is collaborative. You may work independently, but at some point we get together and explore. In those explorations, we bring the following:

  • Courage
  • Creativity
  • Resourcefulness
  • Reliability
  • Passion

Those are Retensa’s core values. To create a place like Retensa, it takes effort, and we think it’s worth it. If you have the drive, the energy, and a good sense of humor, then Retensa may be right for you.


We are looking for hard working, enthusiastic and resourceful candidates, with excellent project management skills, and the ability to juggle multiple projects in a fast-paced environment.

If you think you have those skills and want to be a part of an engaging team, apply to our available positions here: Retensa Jobs

Internships are also an important part of finding new talent for our teams. Find out more about internships at Retensa.