Apply for Intern Program in Marketing, IT, or HR-OD Internship

Internship Programs at Retensa

Do you want to gain real-world experience working as a part of a Talent Management Consulting team?
Do you want to explore new technology opportunities with being part of a forward thinking technology team?
Do you want to work in an environment where you can learn about the industry and have fun doing it?
Do you want to learn how to juggle both figuratively (assignments) and literally (oranges)?

If the answers to these questions are “Yes”, then Retensa may be the place for you.

Retensa takes pride in our Vision

To create workplaces where every employee is engaged by what they do and inspired by who they work for.

As an intern with Retensa, you will contribute to that vision, both for our clients and each other. You will be at the forefront of merging Talent Management, online HR Technology, and playing a bit of Name that Tune. While immersed in a fast-paced and forward-thinking environment, your coursework will be applied directly to real-world business goals.


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Applicants should prepare a brief Cover Letter that includes their desired position, and a resume – in MS Word or Adobe PDF compatible format. These documents should be submitted at least 3 months in advance, for early consideration. All others are waitlisted.

Spring Start: January 15th – 31st
Summer Start: May 14th – May 31st
Fall Start: September 3rd – Sep 17th
*References and transcripts are not yet required, but should be available upon request.

After your resume is reviewed, an internship recruiter may call you. The recruiter will ask several questions over the phone to determine your level of work experience, as well as your ambition to be a part of our team.
Retensa Internships are currently available in New York City for the Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters. We look forward to building our skills together.
To learn more about the Retensa culture, visit Retensa Careers

If you think you have those skills and want to be a part of an engaging team, apply to our available positions here: Retensa Jobs