Employee Benchmarks, HR Metrics, and Turnover Rates

A unique assessment model that makes employers aware of the costs of losing employees, how it affects a company’s profits and how a reduction in turnover costs can significantly lessen the financial impact on a company’s bottom line results.

Costs Associated with Turnover:

Total Separation Costs
Exit Interviews
Administrative Functions Associated with Termination
Costs from Unfilled Jobs
Total Replacement Costs
Pre- and post-employment administrative functions
Entrance interviews (internal)
Postemployment Expenses
Background and medical exams (internal and contracted)
Total Training Costs
Formal training program
Preturnover Loss of Productivity
Revenue Loss from Unfilled Jobs
Loss of Productivity During OJT

A Cost of Turnover Analysis makes employers aware of these costs which can often escalate into thousands, and sometimes hundreds of thousands, of dollars. We can breakdown the cost of turnover by region, department and/or job function. We can also customize our model to meet the unique specifications of your company size, industry and business type.

Our Turnover Analysis not only draws attention to the company’s turnover costs today — we can project your Cost of Turnover in the future. By identifying your company’s turnover rate, we can project how much it will cost you ten years from now to fire someone. This is important as competition for business continues to increase at a rapid pace. You may not be able to project whether or not you will land a certain account, or project or how many widgets you will sell, but your costs of losing key employees is real and quantifiable. Therefore, unless have a 100% guarantee that your employees will be with you in 10 years, you need to be prudent in your projections by factoring in retention costs.

Our model will show also show you how turnover costs are affecting your current and future profits. For instance, from our calculations we can tell you how much additional revenue your company will have to make in order to compensate for escalating retention costs. Moreover, our strategic analysis can project how a decrease in turnover will stimulate profits and sales going forward. Armed with this data, you will be able to answer these questions:

  • Is it possible to grow my business x amount in order to compensate for retention costs?
  • How will I continue to meet customer demand if I keep losing employees to competitors?
  • How will my current employees react to cutbacks because of the escalating retention costs? How will this effect morale and productivity?

Let’s face it, when employees are not happy with their current employment situation they usually do one of 2 things- work less or quit.

Our consultants each have over 15 years experience in Organizational Development and know that each company has a unique culture and landscape depending upon the individuals who work there. They will work with you and your employees to identify your company’s best practices and leverage those strengths against any potential hurdles. In order to make your business the most productive, you need to know the strengths, concerns and aptitudes of your employees. After all, is it better to take the time and fill a vacancy once or haphazardly fill it repeatedly?

By answering a few questions on our website we can provide you with a rough estimate of your company’s retention costs and you can decide if you think this is something to invest some time towards.

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