Employee Survey Platform

Retensa’s viewpoint of the employee retention survey is unique in the human capital consulting field. While most of its competitors develop Employee Satisfaction Surveys, Retensa specializes in administering Employee Engagement Surveys. We believe employees can be motivated, engaged, and inspired, but satisfaction is fleeting. The concept of “employee satisfaction” does not meet today’s fast paced work environment and rapidly changing “satisfaction” agents; “employee satisfaction” is too intangible to be measured.

Most importantly, research shows that satisfied employees are just as likely to leave a company as unsatisfied employees. Engagement is a better predictor of how likely your employees are to stay and be productive for your company.

The cloud-based TalentPulse platform is a real-time employee feedback portal that allows you to:

  • Deploy surveys across the Employee Life Cycle
  • Capture and respond in real-time
  • Perform longitudinal analysis to leverage predictive HR analytics
  • Rapidly deploy surveys whenever needed

The following are some of the surveys you can deploy on TalentPulse:

  1. Performance appraisals
  2. Stay surveys
  3. Commitment surveys


Retensa’s Employee Retention & Engagement Surveys generate a more accurate depiction of your organization’s processes. We set specific goals and objectives customized to your organization’s concerns, industry, and employees and then tailor survey questions to fit your needs. We also ask the right questions to provide management with a complete analysis of what can be changed realistically, with recommendations of how to do so.

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