PRESS RELEASE: Brystra accelerates growth in data-driven solutions launching partnership with Retensa Retention Strategies

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New York, NY – Brystra, the cutting-edge HR and benefits management authority will partner with Retensa, Employee Retention Strategies and Research leader, to increase database of employee experiences that predict employee turnover.

Brystra recognizes that retaining the best employees starts with understanding why people leave. The best tool for that is a good exit interview. Exit interviews are the critical instrument to collect key insights on the termination of an employee experience. However, inferior exit interviews are costly and misleading. If the organization thinks that the responses are accurate, and takes action from bad data, hundreds of employees and millions of dollars can be lost. Brystra chose Retensa’s nearly 20 years of experience as a partner who knows what to ask, how to ask, and when to ask the questions to predict and prevent staff turnover. Retensa’s employee experience and talent analytics software, a cloud-based and mobile suite of talent analytics tools will be available to Brystra clients to accelerate their understanding of why their employees join, stay, and leave.

Actionable insights from exit interviews come from the work of dedicated professionals, Organizational Psychologists and Data Analysts. They share the common goal of retaining top talent and are experts at helping organizations identify disengaged employees and eliminate assumptions. A recent survey found that 89% of managers believe employees leave for more money, yet 88% of employees listed reasons other than compensation for leaving1. Retensa’s exit interview software, ExitPro, can help a company reduce turnover by up to 67%.

About Brystra

Brystra is a leading national employee benefits brokerage specializing in all workforce-related HR matters. Brystra provides advanced solutions for benefits management, technology, compliance, HR and employee training, all securely managed paperlessly, in the cloud available from any device 24/7/365. Brystra’s AvocadoHR suite of services is optimized to provide additional client value with their partnerships with over 100 industry leading vendors, now including Retensa. More information by calling 1-844-BRYSTRA or at


About Retensa 

Retensa addresses the social and economic impact of employee turnover for organizations in 54 countries and 12 languages. They combine predictive analytics software and retention strategies to attract, motivate, and retain top talent. To create the “Retention Environment,” Retensa provides expertise in People Analytics, Employee Surveys, Exit Interviews, and Talent Management Solutions. More information by calling 212.545.1280 or at


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