Littler and Retensa Launch National Seminar Series on how Dissolving Non-Compete Agreements will Impact Employee Retention Strategies

New York, NY, June 2024 – Littler, the world’s largest labor and employment law practice representing management, partnered with Retensa, the global leader in employee retention research, to present a nationwide series of live seminars. The collaboration includes legal and retention experts at in person events focused on the critical and changing role of Non-Compete Agreements to maintain competitive advantage and retain top talent.

The inaugural seminar will occur the morning of July 16, 2024, in New York, NY and the second event on July 23, 2024, in Newark, NJ. The session, titled “The Changing Legal Landscape: Talent Retention Strategies in a World without Non-Compete Agreements“, will explore the historical use of non-compete agreements, the current legal landscape, and innovative approaches to talent retention in the local marketplace. Attendees will gain insights into how non-compete agreements have been pivotal in protecting business interests, how recent legal shifts are altering their enforceability and effectiveness, and which employees in your state can still be held to non-competes. Participants will explore innovative employee retention strategies by Retensa’s retention experts to create solutions that calibrate to the culture of an organization. This in-person event for Talent Officers, HR Directors, and Employee Relations Managers will focus on alternative methods to non-compete agreements to retain key talent, enhancing employee engagement and loyalty through organizational culture and benefits, and implementing professional development and career growth opportunities.

The seminar will also address best practices for mitigating the impact of critical talent departure, including knowledge transfer, succession planning, and developing a deep talent pipeline. Additionally, the use of other legal tools to protect intellectual property and critical business assets will be discussed.



About Littler

Littler Mendelson P.C. is the largest global employment is the largest global employment and labor law practice representing management, with over 1,800 attorneys across more than 100 offices worldwide. Littler’s unparalleled depth and breadth of knowledge allow the firm to provide innovative legal strategies and solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client. With a commitment to delivering exceptional service, Littler’s attorneys are renowned for their deep understanding of complex labor and employment issues, ranging from traditional labor relations and employment litigation to cutting-edge matters like data privacy, inclusion, equity and diversity, and workplace safety.

About Retensa Retention Strategies

Retensa addresses the social and economic impact of employee turnover for organizations in 59 countries and 21 languages. They combine predictive analytics software and retention strategies to attract, motivate, and retain top talent. To create the “Retention Environment,” Retensa provides expertise in People Analytics, Employee Surveys, Exit Interviews, and Talent Management Solutions.


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