Annual Webinar Employee Turnover UNVEILED 2018: the best hour on Talent all year

Employee Turnover UNVEILED 2018: Webinar on Nov 8th & 13th

Employee Turnover Unveiled-2018

Did you know that every year we hide from the sun for 3 weeks to look at separation data across industries in one giant super geek analysis? Yes indeed!

Let our Vitamin D deficiency be your gain.

And no, we are not cocooning, we just want you to know:

  • What is the top reason people leave in 2018?
  • How should we rethink the work-life equation?
  • Why millennials quit so easily?
  • Where to focus first to create a culture of retention?
  • Is compensation the #1 reason for resignation? (Hey, we know how to rhyme!)

Thursday, November 8 @ 9:30 AM (NYC) / 2:30 PM (London)

or Tuesday, November 13 @ 2:30 PM (NYC) / 11:30 AM (San Francisco)

Join HERE to Unveil the Answers

Retensians love to hang out with data because data knows many secrets. The team always finds impressive connections on why employees join & stay at your company. And guess what? They want to share the secret with YOU!

This year they examined a bajillion data points across 18 industries, to discover why employees quit their jobs in 2018.

Join the most concentrated 1 hour all year to hear (very) surprising facts about what employees really want, why people leave jobs they actually love (seriously, why?), and much more.

Click here to sign up for 

Employee Turnover UNVEILED:2018 Talent Data Insights Webinar

Non-clients: $199

Retensa clients: FREE*

All attendees will receive:

  • 60 minutes of fresh insights to target your retention strategy
  • Advanced analysis of the separation trends (PDF report)
  • Answers to what makes current turnover different
  • Eternal bliss

We’ll see you there!

*Exclusive for Retensa clients. Please register with your work email. All registrants are verified prior to attending the webinar. Please contact for your promo code

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