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BusinessWeek features Retensa on Mentor Programs

BusinessWeek features Chason Hecht, President of Retensa, on the challenges and goals associated with implementing formal and informal Mentor Programs. Chason is the industry expert featured in the video case study for March, highlighting issues and opportunities in the mentor/mentee relationship.


Build the Perfect Exit Interview, Build a Better Workplace

Done right, an intelligent exit interview strategy can offer you a wealth of information on your staffing needs. I know…you don’t do exit interviews.  Well, despite the escalating cost of employee turnover, most companies don’t. The common reasons are: I already know why people leave People don’t give honest answers We don’t have the time I am not sure what to ask, or Who needs them? The people are gone anyway. Exit Interview Return on Investment “Turnover is a symptom, not a problem. Employers do not have [...]