Ziff-Davis Interviews Retensa President

New York, New York, March 2001– Zcast TV, a subsidiary of Ziff-Davis News Publications, interviewed the President and CEO of Retensa, Chason Hecht about the employment horizon and his thoughts on “Hiring in Turbulent Times.”  Recent events have posed distinct hiring and retention challenges for employers.  As downsized organizations struggle to rebuild the trust and confidence of their workforces, they have encountered obstacles in attracting and developing loyal top talent.  Firms already operating on a lean, reduced, and often overworked employee base are faced with expensive options when turnover spikes occur.

The interview was held at an event catered to introducing a multitude of perspective candidates to interested recruiters, which is the first step in a continuum of the employee-firm relationship; Mr. Hecht entitles the Emergent Life-cycle.  As outlined by Mr. Hecht, there are a finite number of points in which the firm must indicate its dedication, stability, and opportunities to each employee.  Missing too many of these points, a firm may sacrifice key advantages and lose its best people to its competition.  Numerous strategies in employee communications, compensation, and workplace enhancements are available to retain current employees and attract new talent.

Highlighted in the interview were indications that it is an ideal time to both attract great people and build a retention environment, according to Mr. Hecht, “To put these strategies into practice, an effective retention plan can’t occur in a vacuum; it permeates the employee-firm relationship from pre-recruitment to post-termination.  Implemented effectively, an organization can attain significantly reduced overhead and a constant stream of new business opportunities.”


About Retensa:

Understanding your People is what our People do.
Retensa is the leader and innovator of Employee Retention Strategies.  They combine experience and web-based technology to develop, motivate, and retain a company’s best employees.  Retensa customizes solutions to help organizations achieve significant cost-savings and performance improvements.

Through the creation of a “Retention Environment,” Retensa provides additional expertise in Leadership Development, Human Capital ROI, HR Metrics, Employee Surveys, Exit Interviews, and Mentoring, with a cutting-edge focus on workforce technology.

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212.545.1280 or email requests@retensa.com for more information about the solutions you can receive.

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