Work Better Now Features Retensa CEO in Automation Article

The Work Better Now article “How Businesses Are Using Automation to Get Ahead” features nine leaders in the fields of marketing, printing, and talent management. In it, they discuss automation strategies and product choices. Retensa CEO and founder Chason Hecht describes how Retensa developed and implemented automation tools to streamline global exit interviews. These enhancements to the predictive software resulted in a 10% to 20% increase in exit interview completion rates, which showcases how integrated, real-time tools, increase productivity.

It is clearer every day that automation is a new competitive frontier. Offloading tasks from humans to machines can result in faster response times and reduced error rates. In most industries, to maintain a competitive advantage (or generate one), embracing the value of automation solutions is a powerful way forward. Check out the interesting, quick read, that gives good insights into what products and services work well enough that business owners and CEOs talk about them in public. So, whether you’re searching for automation tools or just curious about what solutions work for other organizations, this automation article is a good place to start.

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