Compare Employee Turnover Rates: Voluntary Turnover Heatmap by Gender

Compare employee turnover rates by gender with ExitPro’s voluntary turnover heatmap.


Because ExitPro’s Turnover Heatmap is ON FIRE!

Turnover rate is the most mislead business statistic. It’s not about everyone who quits. It’s about exactly who quits. Compare employee turnover rates by gender across multiple locations.

This turnkey dashboard provides answers to retention questions.

  1. “Why do women in Florida quit more?”
  2. “What attracts men in Michigan?”
  3. “Where can I get ice cream?”

ExitPro’s Voluntary Turnover Heatmap compares staff attrition by:
Age, Gender, Tenure, Location, Title, Department etc.

These retention insights reveal the areas of strength to replicate and the places in most need of improvement to retain your employees.

Put out your employee fires at

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