NEW Infographic Series on The Great Resignation: What is it? Who is quitting? What can I do?

Reduce Your Resignations with NEW Infographics on the Great Resignation

All Your Retention Questions Answered


When will The Great Resignation end?

The Great Resignation ends when you know the answers to 3 questions….

  1. “What is it?”
  2. “Who is quitting?”
  3. “What can I do?”


12 months ago, the workscape experienced a rapid increase in job openings, a dramatic decline in unemployment, and a high percentage of employees who dislike their job.


Now, the increase in job openings and decline in the unemployment rate have leveled out, but we can’t ignore the employees who dislike their job. This needs to be addressed. There is no stopping resignations until you can predict who will quit, when they quit, and why employees quit.


See the complete infographic series here:

Part 1: “What is it?”

Part 2: “Who is quitting?”

Part 3: “What can i do?”

There is no stopping the Great Resignation until you can predict who will quit.

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