Seedco Invites Retensa to Present on Staffing Strategies that Reduce Employee Turnover


“The ability to attract and hold on to talented employees is the single most reliable predictor of overall excellence.” – Fortune

Conference Will Address Ways to Reduce Employee Turnover

New York, NY, February, 2006 – With a 20 percent decrease in low skilled jobs and fewer high skilled workers, there are less qualified candidates to fill positions in today’s growing economy. More businesses are having difficulty, not only recruiting qualified candidates, but retaining them as well. Small and mid-size businesses in particular are struggling in keeping top talent. Chason Hecht, a retention expert and Retensa President, will present on recruiting and retention with the emergent workforce in February. The presentation will be directed towards small and midsized business owners.

Growing businesses recognize that they cannot just look at larger companies who have become employers of choice. Large companies have strategic recruitment and selection, orientation, training and organizational communication teams that make them attractive to high performing candidates. Small and midsized businesses however do not have the same time and resources to invest in attracting high performers. The result is that small businesses are faced with the struggle to find other innovative means to attract top talent.

Mr. Hecht will highlight the impact of employee turnover in both time and cost within these growing businesses. He will also discuss how to hire the right employee the first time around in order to mitigate the effects of high turnover. In addition, he will present on the emerging employee and how the changing needs of employees impact retention. Mr. Hecht will present on which best practices are best suited to engage employees of small and midsized businesses.


About Seedco

The Structured Employment Economic Development Corporation (Seedco) is a national community development operating intermediary that assists small businesses, and promotes asset building for residents and businesses in economically distressed communities. Seedco’s provides technical and financial assistance that complements the model programs and strives to build the capacity of community partners and small businesses through the introduction of sound, outcome-based management practices.

About Retensa

Retensa is the leader and innovator of Employee Retention Solutions. They combine experience and web-based technology to develop, motivate, and retain a company’s best employees. Retensa builds custom solutions to help organizations achieve significant cost-savings and performance improvements.

To create the “Retention Environment,” Retensa provides additional expertise in Leadership Development, Human Capital ROI/Metrics, Mentoring, Employee Surveys, Exit Interviews, Succession Planning, and Diversity Initiatives, with a cutting-edge focus on workforce technology. Retensa can be reached at 212.545.1280 or visit for more information about the solutions you can receive.

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