Retensa President Discusses New Technologies in Workforce Solutions

Chason Hecht invited to speak at Baruch College of Business.

New York, NY, November 2002 – Chason Hecht, president of Retensa, a leader in Human Capital Management and Research, will speak at Baruch College along with other innovative business leaders.  These executives will highlight how businesses are benefiting from the latest Internet technologies. Mr Hecht’s focus will address the delicate balance of enabling a firm’s emerging workforce to be more competitive and to function more autonomously while staying connected to their team.

Mr. Hecht will demonstrate how business software is evolving from enterprise-wide generalities to facilitating key information to specific departments, managers, and employees.  The evolving technology satisfies the need to maintain communication and coordination between individuals and throughout a decision-making chain. Organizations are now able to gather and compare information across any level, demographic, or geography. Departmental changes can reach executives, and executives have the ability to evaluate workforce metrics like turnover in, for example, Chicago versus Dallas, or even gender or age related discrepancies in different business units, as in sales versus IT.

On-line Technology: Creating a bridge between Science and Strategy      
Internet technologies continue to revolutionize a companies’ ability to manage their workforce.  Organizational science aids technology to unify all the employees and departments that function interdependently.  A company that understands all of the elements, employees, and trends affecting a workforce issue will ultimately make more informed business decisions to address that issue.  New survey and metrics technology will also allow business leaders to better measure the impact of that decision earlier in the change process.

As this new technology takes hold, the next generation of software will enable decision-makers to measure their company’s workforce against others in the same region, industry, and size in real-time.  For more information on how businesses are using this technology to address workforce challenges, please attend the presentation, which is open to the public, by contacting the number below.

About Retensa:

Understanding your People is what our People do.
Retensa is the leader and innovator of Employee Retention Strategies.  They combine experience and web-based technology to develop, motivate, and retain a company’s best employees.  Retensa customizes solutions to help organizations achieve significant cost-savings and performance improvements.

Through the creation of a “Retention Environment,” Retensa provides additional expertise in Leadership Development, Human Capital ROI, HR Metrics, EmployeeSurveys, Exit Interviews, and Mentoring, with a cutting-edge focus on workforce technology.

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