Retensa Announces 2015’s Top Ten Resignations in Annual “Biggest Quits” List


The world’s leading employee retention experts presents a detailed review of the most sensational, controversial and impactful business resignations across all industries in the U.S.

New York, NY, January, 2016 – Retensa, a leader in Employee Retention Strategies and Research, publishes its annual “Biggest Quits” list. In 2015, front-runners in entertainment, sport, politics and technology surprised America by ending age-old careers.

Although we saw similarities across industries as Basketball and Soccer both lose record-breaking athletes in Kobe Bryant and Abby Wambach, for the first time ever, right meets left as Rupert Murdoch and Jon Stewart share the same “position” on our list. Too many words, and not enough numbers may have cost ever-trending social media platform, Twitter, to lose its CEO of 5 years. As leaders age, disease caused another CEO to step down, leaving insurance giant Travelers to walk into an aggressive financial market.

In most major cities, travelers are opting for car service via a free app rather than hailing or calling a cab. Now, municipal cab company’s revenue is cut, and they are bleeding drivers too. Find out which Republican may have weakened his party’s position in the presidential race, which fashion icon is auf wiedersehen this season, and of course all the corruption allegations that resulted in so many being kicked out of the Top 10. Check out all the really big resignations for 2015 at

About the “Biggest Quits” List

The most significant U.S.-based resignations qualify for inclusion on Retensa’s annual “Biggest Quits” List. To make the top 10, Retensa applies three criteria: (1) the magnitude of impact in the individual’s industry or field, (2) the financial loss or loss of influence of the enduring organization, and (3) the degree that the enduring organization is unprepared to respond. View and post your comments on this year’s list at:

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