Retensa Featured in Ridehip Blog titled “Why Your Employees Are Looking for New Jobs- And How to Stop Them From Leaving”

Retain your Employees

Right now, workplaces are navigating unprecedented times. The pandemic has caused a huge shift in how businesses operate on a day-to-day basis. 

Retensa outline 4 tips to retain employees

CEO of Retensa Retention Strategies, Chason Hecht, was interviewed by Ridehip Blog to share his insights on why employees are leaving their jobs. Many employees have reevaluated their careers and have new expectations from their workplaces. For employers, employee retention is a newfound priority and challenge.

The article outlines 4 tips on how to retain employees:

  1. Tie raises to performance
  2. Ask employees what they want from their workplace- and their work life
  3. Flexible work
  4. Dialing into flexible work arrangements


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