Requiem for a Home : NYCorp 2019 Scholarship Fundraiser

Requiem for a Home

Starting over is hard. Much of the time, we take our routine for granted. When we relocate to a new place, sometimes the thing we want most is just to feel like we’re home. Overcoming the adversity of a family transferring and settling into a new place was the topic for an essay competition hosted by the New York City Organization of Relocation Professionals (NYCorp) this year. The challenges of relocation and adaptation (both logistical and social) are hard enough for us as adults, but they can be especially challenging for our children.


Retensa was proud to donate ten (10) Employee Relocation Surveys (and a year of talent analytics service to go along with them) to NYCorp’s Scholarship Fundraiser Auction, which took place June 4, 2019. The auction raised enough money to provide FOUR SCHOLARSHIPS to eligible High School Seniors who relocated to the United States.


Leaving familiar faces, your routine, and the places you know are difficult enough without being reminded that you aren’t really home. For some, that reminder is realizing you don’t know any of the good (cheap) places to eat around your new job. For others, it’s needing to pull up driving directions just to get home. So we are glad to give them a kick start on their journey through college. Congratulations to this year’s college scholarship winners, and we look forward to seeing what else you’ve got!
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