NAA Invites Retensa to Present on Employee Motivation in Las Vegas


Join us to learn new ways to motivate & retain your employees.

New York, NY, June, 2007 – The National Association of Apartments has invited President of Retensa and employee retention expert Chason Hecht to present on Employee Motivation at their Education Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mr. Hecht’s seminar “Engage, Motivate, Retain: Skills to Build Great Teams,” takes place June 28 and 29. It focuses on creating an effective team and how to build a sense of ownership into every project or job.

Motivating employees in the Property Management industry is a unique challenge. As a group, companies managing small residential properties oversee billions of dollars worth of assets. Therefore quality employees who can maintain standards of the Uniform Housing Code, local regulations and insurance company dictates, are indispensable to their employers and clients. Effectively managing and recognizing personnel is imperative. Only by utilizing the right tools, companies will engage all of their employees — from agents through support staff — and retain their top talent. Employers must determine what their employees want from their work and workplace and, most importantly, how to make sure they get it. Employee engagement is the key to loyal, high performing teams. Once this is accomplished workers will feel supported which, in turn, increases loyalty the likelihood they will put in the extra effort to get the job done. Today’s workforce needs, wants, and expectations are different from that of 20, 10, or even 5 years ago and employers who address those work/life needs are going to reduce turnover, decrease cost per-hire, and accelerate time-to-hire.


About The National Apartment Association (NAA)

The National Apartment Association (NAA) is America’s leading advocate for quality rental housing. They strive to help the managers, developers, suppliers and multifamily housing owners uphold a high standard of professionalism in order to serve the housing needs of the public. The NAA is there to support both sides of the industry from the investors to the owners of affordable housing. To learn more about The NAA, go to


About Retensa:

Understanding your People is what our People do.
Retensa is the leader and innovator of Employee Retention Strategies.  They combine experience and web-based technology to develop, motivate, and retain a company’s best employees.  Retensa customizes solutions to help organizations achieve significant cost-savings and performance improvements.

Through the creation of a “Retention Environment,” Retensa provides additional expertise in Leadership Development, Human Capital ROI, HR Metrics, EmployeeSurveys, Exit Interviews, and Mentoring, with a cutting-edge focus on workforce technology.

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