Contact Center Pipeline Magazine Features Retensa in Cover Story on Wellness Strategies to Mitigate Stress & Burnout

Retensa’s take on Employee Wellness Strategies

All employees are struggling with anxiety now more than ever. To address the mounting workforce mental health challenges, Contact Center Pipeline Magazine features Retensa in employee wellness July cover story, “Preventing Agent Burnout.” The article addresses the impact of COVID-19 on stress and anxiety felt by individuals at home and at work. And now for many, those are one and the same. There is no way to unplug. It is affecting productivity, motivation, and overall mental health of employees.


Retensa on managing employee wellness | Cover article

It is the responsibility of employers to be attentive to the needs of their workforce. Read the article to learn what companies can do to mitigate the impact of pervasive anxiety in the workplace. Retensa’s CEO, Chason Hecht, speaks about the fear and tension felt by individuals, including those working from home.


To help all organizations in these unprecedented times, Retensa is offering a FREE Employee Mental Health Toolkit to understand and addressemployee needs and wants. The Employee Wellness Toolkit uses predictive analytics to capture the unexpressed needs and concerns of employees, so employers can take accurate action to make a difference. Click on this link to access the employee wellness survey for free



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