TechTarget Business Technology Features Retensa in Article Addressing IT Development and Hybrid Onboarding

How to develop and motivate IT Talent.

Is your organization experiencing technical difficulties?

TechTarget Business Technology interviews Retensa on the challenge of employee retention with IT departments in the Great Resignation.

The retention article shows how hybrid work models made IT jobs more valuable AND more challenging. Now, organizational leaders and CIOs must develop and motivate IT talent to avoid expensive staff turnover.


“Oftentimes, employer branding deliver messaging that companies think job candidates want to hear, rather than what it’s really like to work for that organization…the new hire figures out, ‘this is not a place where I can actually develop new skills…’”
-Retensa CEO


Read the “5 Keys to IT Development in a Hybrid Work Model” by Carolyn Heinze for retention tips with Information Technology workers.


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