Wellness Programs, Ideas for Managers and Leadership: CU Management teams up with Retensa’s for article on managing employee wellness

Employee Wellness Program Ideas

CU Management teamed up with Retensa to write an article “Managing Mental Wellness At Credit Unions”.

With the COVID-19 pandemic and blurred boundary between work and home, the challenges faced by employees have escalated. The article talks about how it is important to recognize all are affected – managers, decision makers, front-line staff and gives examples of employee wellness programs and activities companies can do to support staff. Leaving it up to employees to self-assess and self-manage their stress produces very little results. A more effective approach calls for employers to proactively and continually take the pulse of to understand employees’ wellness needs, then build employee wellness programs to address those needs.


Tips to understand employees' wellness needs and create a wellness program

The article talks about best practices for fostering well-being among both your employees and your leadership team during the pandemic

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