Employee Turnover UNVEILED

Employee Turnover UNVEILED – Fall 2017 webinar on Nov 1st & 7th, 2017

JOIN US for 60 minutes of fresh insights about the latest separation trends.
Find out what surprises we unveiled about differences between industries, the behavior of millennials, how likely are women to quit their jobs, what is driving top performers out the door and much more.

Wed, November 1st at 3:00pm (ET)
Tue, November 7th at 11:30am (ET)

Twice a year we look at separation data across industries and compile exit interview answers in one ginormous super file. Now imagine looking at trends and patterns across all those exit interviews (crazy thought, right?). Well, have no fear, we take on the challenge for you.

This time, we looked at 834,627 exit interview data points across 18 industries, to find out what is motivating employees to leave their jobs in 2017.

Our dedicated team of data experts takes over the conference room, sets up the coffee maker and dives into the world of Big Data Analysis! It’s one of those things we love to do, because the data helps us unveil why employees really leave.

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Employee Turnover UNVEILED – Fall 2017 webinar

Retensa clients: FREE*
Non-client price: $249

All attendees will receive:

  • Bi-annual analysis of the separation trends (PDF report)
  • 60 minutes of fresh insights to target your retention strategy
  • Answers to what makes millennial turnover different
  • Eternal bliss

We’ll see you there!

* Exclusive for Retensa clients. Please contact [email protected] for your promo code.

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