Employee Turnover UNVEILED 2024: Webinar on Feb 29

Employee Turnover UNVEILED 2024: Webinar on Feb 29

Accelerate your retention strategy with the advantage of knowing where to focus and what to do. Avoid wasting time and money. Know what works with the modern workforce. Reduce regrettable turnover.

This is the actionable intelligence you can only get from the world’s retention experts at Retensa. Get the freshest insights to take action NOW.

Predict and prevent the next employee from quitting. 



In this 60 minute fast-paced webinar, get ready to learn:

  • What are the top reasons people stayed or quit last year?
  • How have employee perceptions changed?
  • How willing are employees to advocate for their employer?
  • What workplace experiences do Gen Z see differently?
  • How can employers attract former staff to return?


Thursday, February 29 @ 11:00 AM (ET) / 8:00 AM (PT)

Join HERE to Unveil the Answers


Every year, the best retention experts at Retensa analyze a massive global database across 20 industries. They find new patterns of behavior among women vs men, millennial vs non-millennial, sales vs non-sales, high performers and more to reveal the most relevant trends. Employers are merging through the most volatile turnover trends seen in decades. With the challenges to attract and acquire top talent, this is the event you and your HR leaders do not want to miss. Sign up to attend.


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Employee Turnover UNVEILED: Actionable Talent Intelligence Webinar

Non-clients: $99

Retensa clients: FREE

(Use Promo Code “UNVEIL24” for free access)*


All attendees will receive:

  • 60 minutes of fresh insights to target your retention strategy
  • Advanced analysis of the separation trends (PDF report)
  • Answers to what makes current turnover different
  • The best HR gift you could ask for

We’ll see you there!

*Exclusive for Retensa clients. Please register with your work email. All registrants are verified prior to attending the webinar.


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