Emotion Magazine Features Retensa in Article on Being a Good Manager


“It pays to be a nice boss because happy employees are more motivated to get the job done.” -Manuela Imre, Emotion Magazine

New York, NY, April, 2007 – Manuela Imre of Emotion Magazine will interview Chason Hecht, President of Retensa on the importance and benefits of being a nice boss. Employers who are respectful and nice gain the added benefit of happy employees. In the corporate world it pays to be pleasant because your employees will enjoy working for you and in turn build employee loyalty.

When employers show their employees respect and kindness it opens the lines of communication.  Chason Hecht will discuss why being a nice boss is not only important to employees, but why it should matter to employers as well. In any workplace, communication is key in getting things done. When an employer is rude or overbearing, they tend to lack respect from their employees causing productivity to suffer. In today’s society, emails, blogs, and myspace pass judgment before the jury is even called. Employers trust the opinions of their peers over the facts provided by the company. This is why it is important to learn how to communicate and interact with ones employees. Improving the lines of communication within your company will greatly improve your productivity and retention.


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About Retensa:

Understanding your People is what our People do.
Retensa is the leader and innovator of Employee Retention Strategies.  They combine experience and web-based technology to develop, motivate, and retain a company’s best employees.  Retensa customizes solutions to help organizations achieve significant cost-savings and performance improvements.

Through the creation of a “Retention Environment,” Retensa provides additional expertise in Leadership Development, Human Capital ROI, HR Metrics, EmployeeSurveys, Exit Interviews, and Mentoring, with a cutting-edge focus on workforce technology.

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212.545.1280 or email requests@retensa.com for more information about the solutions you can receive.


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