Analyze Employee Retention: Turnover Comparison by Age Group

Conduct turnover analysis to identify areas of high retention and low retention.

Quits and Resignations and Turnover, Oh My! –The Wizard of…Oz?

Is your organization’s turnover making you melt?

Pinpoint the microcultures where turnover happens most.

Have the COURAGE to prioritize employee retention at your organization.
Utilize you BRAIN power for better things than data entry, rather interpret data with ExitPro’s customized dashboard to reveal turnover trends.
Use your HEART to support the employees struggling right now.

With ExitPro’s customized dashboards, distribute turnover rates by:
Age, Gender, Tenure, Location, Title, Department etc.

Analyze turnover trends to reveal the areas of strength (high retention) and the places in most need of improvement (low retention). Reduce employee turnover and retain top talent.

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