The business challenges Retensa training will help you address:

  1. High hard and soft costs of employee turnover
  2. High demand, low supply of technical labor pool
  3. Managers attuned to what their employees tell them
  4. Set uniform management standards across enterprise to increase motivation, innovation, and performance

The consequences of untrained managers are typically:

  1. Inefficient/underperforming staff, low morale & turnover
  2. Missed deadlines, reduced quality, distractions & conflict
  3. Absenteeism, misdirected investments, lost profits
  4. Impact on product/service sales and delivery
  5. Impact on product/service and your company’s reputation

As a result, participants will learn how to:

  • Speak a common language to measure and increase performance
  • Assess the impact and true costs of losing top performers
  • Assess the impact and true costs of keeping poor performers
  • Identify, develop, and retain both high-potentials and high-performers at every stage of the Employee Life-Cycle
  • Gather genuine employee feedback to increase motivation and loyalty
  • Understand motivational drivers unique to their staff
  • Identify behavioral patterns that indicate “at risk” high performers
  • Decrease pre-turnover disengagement by addressing root causes